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With over a decade of conquest behind the decks and in the production studio, Doughboy is by far, a Seattle Hardcore hero. His objectives: inspire the masses to get up and sing, enlighten Hardcore enthusiasts with unexpected mixes and genre-blending, and assimilate those who unintentionally happen upon his catchy tracks.

During Doughboy’s sets, you can expect all things super Happy Hardcore, occasionally mixed with brilliant Drum and Bass and vocally, hip-hoppy Trap. Be on the lookout for sing-along Hardcore anthems, fresh material just released, and sneak peeks at unreleased tracks you’ll come to adore.

His affiliates include KFA, Justice Hardcore, Venom Drive, Diskowarp, seattleHARDCORE, FTPz, HarderFasterLouder, & mudpieluv. DJ Doughboy is not to be missed!


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